Helping families to discover their 'just right'!

Welcome to GoldilOTs.

Our family focused Occupational Therapy Practice supports individuals of all ages at different stages of life. We listen and learn together with compassion and patience, discovering meaning and connections. We aim to optimise learning, nurture uniqueness and confidence. We believe our holistic approach will spark motivation and encourage positive engagement in everyday life. We look forward to sharing the journey with you.



Occupational Therapy can help families and children to enhance their engagement in everyday activities  – from socialising with friends, getting out and about, playing and learning new skills at home,  kinder, school and work.  

We provide evidenced based and family-centred assessments and intervention. This is based on individual strengths, difficulties, age and stage of development. We consider what you can do in the moment, the potential within you and make steps towards achieving your goals.

Together we partner with families, educators, health professionals and carers. We value the importance of a team approach to develop flexible strategies that can be used in a range of settings.  Our goal-directed therapy is innovative, thoughtful and creative. 



Occupational Therapists at GoldilOTs help individuals work on the following areas:

  • Handwriting 

  • Self-Care / Toilet Training

  • Transition to Day-Care / Kinder  

  • School Readiness 

  • Parental / Sibling Support 

  • Mealtime Difficulties / Fussy eating

  • Vocational Assistance

  • Increasing independence in Daily Life Skills

  • Milestone Development

  • Social Skills & Play

  • Emotional Awareness

  • Self- Regulation

  • Attention, Concentration & Motivation

  • Sensory Processing

  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills  

  • Balance / Coordination 



GoldilOTs Occupational Therapy provides a range of Assessments and Reports for individuals off all ages at different stages of life. 

Reports may be required for transition to kinder, school or other vocational and recreational roles. GoldilOTs can also assist in the diagnostic process for Autism Spectrum Disorder and other learning differences.

GoldilOTs assists families to navigate their own journey, to find the supports they need and work towards achieving their goals.  





Director / Occupational Therapist

Abby takes great pride in helping families to feel connected and valued, listening and learning together. Being an experienced therapist and a Mum, she understands every day can be different and we all experience our own unique journey in life. This translates to her role at GoldilOTs bringing a sense of warmness and kindness. She is passionate about helping families to build confidence, resilience and meaningful engagement in life. As the Director of GoldilOTs she is extremely proud of the outstanding team of experienced therapists.


"Our team is passionate, diverse, and vibrant. We place significant value on working together as a team with families and individuals. We take pride in creating a warm welcoming space to listen, communicate, explore, learn and play."




Occupational Therapist

Miriam is passionate about working with families to promote participation and engagement in everyday activities at home, kinder and in school settings. She believes in working in a holistic manner to build a strong foundation to support growth, independence and skill development. Miriam enjoys working collaboratively with families, carers, education staff and health care providers to identify areas of need in order to help with specific difficulties. Miriam values the importance of setting goals that fit in with family life and enjoys using a variety of approaches to encourage inclusion.



Occupational Therapist

Imogen aims to bring personalised care to every family she works with. She demonstrates strong listening, empathetic and nurturing skills helping families to feel calm and connected in her sessions.  Imogen brings excellent clinical expertise whilst maintaining a creative and fun outlook in her sessions. Imogen's hope is to empower families and children to develop independence in their meaningful occupations and for every individual to learn their value of worth and importance in this world.

Imogen has completed specialised training in Autism Assessment and Social Skill Training, and loves using the creative arts and play based therapy in her sessions.



Occupational Therapist

Carly has a keen interest in working with families to help them achieve their daily and meaningful occupations. Carly is passionate about working with children and adolescents to develop their confidence, self-esteem, social skills and general well-being. Carly values an individualised approach to therapy, and recognises each person as their own being. She is committed to ongoing learning and research, to ensure she utilises an evidence-based approach towards her therapy sessions. Carly delivers a variety of approaches including play-based therapy and focuses on incorporating the individual's interests to the core of her practice. 




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We currently have a 3 month wait period for regular therapy

However we can provide more immediate assistance for Assessments

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"Today you are you,
that is truer than true.

There is no one alive who is youer than you!"

- Dr Seuss.

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